The FAG Star Club is a first-of-its-kind rewards and recongnitions program in the indian bearing industry. It gives you the power to set your own goals and earn your own rewards. The SMS and web based modules ensure that you have complete control over what you want to redeem and when you want to redeem.

As a participant to this program, you are entitled to a FAG Star Club Welcome Kit which contains the following essentials:
The Membership Card


Your FAG Star Club Membership Card contains your name, the name of your retail outlet and your unique membership number. This membership number will be your username when you log on to www.fagstarclub.com

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The Coupon


On every purchase of INR 2,500 from Schaeffler India Authorised Distributor, you are entitled to receive a coupon with a unique code and hologram. This code may be registered via SMS or FAG Star Club website. Each code is mapped to a Schaeffler India Authorised Distributor. So please ensure that your purchase from Schaeffler India Authorised Distributor only.

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