1.   What is FAG Star Club program and how do I become a part of it?
    FAG Star Club is a first-of-its-kind retailer relationship program in India bearing Industry.
The program aims to build a stronger bond with our retail partners and has a number of unique features:
  *   Lasting Relationships

Unlike the usual short-term incentive schemes - FAG Star Club is designed for a long-term relationship - a relationship that will grow with time and grow from strength to strength.

  *   Direct Contacts

The program allows members to register and redeem their points directly without involvement of intermediaries.

  *   Benefit Upgrades

As you sell more and more FAG bearings, your membership status gets upgraded from Star to 2 Stars and so on. Upgradation of membership status allows you to earn more bonus points. So you earn more incentives for the same amount of purchase.

  *   Wide Choice of Rewards

Our Reward Catalogue offers a very wide range and multiple options within a given range. So choose anything from a new mobile phone to a new car... and for those who like gold, we have Tanishq Vouchers.

  *   Easy Administration

Points can be registered by sending SMS. You can also get current status on your points and redeem them quickly-on our website www.fagstarclub.com


If you are an FAG authorised retailer and have still not been registered for the program then please contact you FAG authorised distributor or your MSR.

You will be asked to fill up a registration form with all the necessary information, documents and passport size photograph.

After filling up the form, you will be required to SMS
FREG<Space><Application Form Number><Space><Shop Name>
to +91 96640 52040 or +91 92668 01994 from your registered mobile number.
  On sending the message,
you will receive a
confirmation SMS. You will
be eligible to start claiming
points once you received
confirmation message and
membership number.
2.   How do I log on to FAG Star Club website?

The membership number on your membership card will be your user name when you log on to www.fagstarclub.com The initial computer generated password will be sent to you over sms when you register for the program. You are free to change the password after your first login.

3.   How do I earn points?

For every purchase of FAG bearings worth INR 2,500 or in its multiples, you get a coupon containing a unique 10 character code. SMS the code from your registered mobile number. You can send up to 6 codes in a single message. The SMS must be sent to either +91 96640 52040 or +91 92668 01994

Sending single unique code:
FAGE<space><unique code>
Sending multiple unique code:
FAGE<space><unique code><space><unique code>
<space><unique code><space><unique code>
<space><unique code><space><unique code>
4.   I forgot my password. What do I do now?

If you forget your password you need to enter your user id in forgot password link on www.fagstarclub.com and click submit. You will receive SMS on your registered mobile number.

5.   How do I get a confirmation for the points I have earned?
    On sending the SMS, you will get a reply message.
Sample Message for Single Code:   Sample Message for Multiple Code:  
6.   When I send the coupon code message, I get an error reply. what does this mean?
    A transaction can fail for following reason:
1.   Incorrect code
2.   Exceeding maximum code limit
3.   Invalid message format
4.   Invalid mobile number
1.   Incorrect Code
    A code is incorrect for one of these two reason.
    (WRG) means that it is a Wrong unique code.
    (USED) means that the unique code has already been used.
Message in case of single incorrect code:   Message in case of multiple incorrect code:

In case of multiple codes,
there is a possibility that some
codes may be accepted and
some codes may get rejected.
The points will be credited
for the codes that get accepted.
So please correct only the
rejected codes and send
the message.

2.   Exceeding Code Limits (More than 6 unique codes):
    Message in case of exceeding code limit:
4.   Invalid Mobile Number:
    Message in case of invalid mobile number
3.   Invalid Message Format:
    Message in case of invalid message format:
7.   How do I check my balance?

The balance in your FAG Star Club account can be checked by sending a simple SMS - FAGB from your registered mobile number to either +91 96640 52040 or +91 92668 01994.

    SMS Reply
a.   In case of registered mobile number :   b.   Invalid Mobile Number :

Your account balance is 4000 Points. We wish you all the best for earning more and more points. T&C applied, FAG.


Sorry, this mobile number is not registered with FAG. T&C applied, FAG.

Note. The account balance can also be checked by logging on to
www.fagstarclub.com with your user name and password
8.   How do I redeem my points?
    There are two ways in which you can redeem your points -
(i)   Via SMS
(ii)   Via FAG Star Club website.

In order to redeem via SMS, refer to the Reward Catalogue provided with your welcome kit. Each Reward item contains the number of points required to redeem it and the Reward code.

For redeeming your points via SMS, send the following message in the specified format
from your registered mobile number to either +91 96640 52040 or +91 92668 01994

FAGR<space><Reward code>
SMS Reply    
a.   Correct Request :
    Your redemption request accepted (100101 - whirlpool refrigerator). Request No. is 10021.
Reward will be dispatched in 3-4 weeks. T&C applied, FAG.
b.   Invalid Mobile Number :
    Sorry, this mobile number is not registered with FAG. T&C applied, FAG
c.   Invalid Reward Code :
    Wrong Reward Code. Please re-send your request with correct Reward code. T&C applied, FAG
d.   Insufficient Points for the Reward :
    You do not have required points for this Reward. Your current balance is 4000 points. T&C applied, FAG
e.   Wrong Format :
    Invalid format. Please send the request in proper format (T&C applied, FAG)i.e.FAGR<space><Reward Code>
f.   Invalid Keyword (Example : TGP, etc.)
    Invalid Keyword
9.   How to redeem points on website?

On the FAG Star Club website, after logging in you will see the option of 'Redemptions' on the left hand side of the screen. Select it and click on 'Start Redemption'.


Now choose the Reward from the table given and enter the required quantity. Please make sure that points required for redemption are loss or equal to your points account balance.

    Click on the 'Add' button at the bottom of the screen for adding the Reward to your cart.
    Once you have chosen the Reward/s for redemption. Click on 'View Cart' for processing the order.
    On the new page, you have the option of
.   Adding more Rewards (provided you have the required points)
.   Removing Rewards (if you have made a mistake in selecting the Reward or if you have exceeded the account balance)
.   Recalculating the balance (to find out how many points will remain in the balance after redemption)

The delivery address will already be feeded in based on the information given by you in your registration form. If there is any mistake in the address or if you have changed the location of your shop then please contact the FAG Star Club help desk number : +91 9768970013.

    Once you are finished selecting the Rewards and checking the address, click on 'Finish' to process the order.

You will get a summary of your request containing the Reward selected and your contact details. You may take a print out of this summary for your reference.

10.   I am changing the location of my store. Do I need to inform FAG about this?

Yes, the Reward that you redeem is send to the store location that is registered in our records. Hence, please inform your FAG Authorised Distributor or call on the helpline number (+91 9768970013), in case you change your store location during the course fo FAG Star Club program.

11.   I am changing the mobile number that I used to register for FAG Star Club. What do I do?

Your registered mobile number is very important as it is uniquely mapped to you. Please inform your FAG Authorised Distributor or call on the helpline number +91 9768970013.

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